What is Long Story Short?

Long Story Short is not just a storytelling event. It’s an opportunity to share the funniest moments life brings us, the deepest human emotions, and the strangest day of your life with complete strangers. This bare-bones storytelling series, hosted by Beth LaMontagne Hall, is free of pretense and over-rehearsed monologues. The show throws a mix of professional writers, performers, and average folks who have no public speaking experience whatsoever on stage with just a mic and a spotlight to tell a personal story based on that show’s theme. What makes Long Story Short unique is the off-the-cuff feel many of the stories have, including each show’s one open mic slot. A brave volunteer from the audience is selected at random and must take the stage in a moment’s notice to open the second half, — not even the host knows what’s going to happen.

If you love live, Moth-style storytelling by real people, come join us. Long Story Short is held quarterly at 3S Artspace.

2019 Storytelling Shows and Events

Dec 11 - Planes, Trains and Automobiles

2020 Storytelling Shows and Events

March 11 - Denial

June 10 - With Friends Like These

Sept 16 - Never Have I Ever

Dec 9 - It’s All Relative

Check back here for updated events throughout the year. 


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You can find more about events and ticket information on our Facebook page or at 3sarts.org


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